Phase II Continues with Public Safety Building Site Work, Concrete Forms, Footings, Walls!

Aerial View of Public Safety Building Footprint Expanding

Excavation Preparation for Concrete Forms

Forms Materials Ready to Be Built in Area A

Contractor Building Forms

Concrete Being Finished in the Footings

Hydronic Surface Heater Brought in for Frost Prevention

Ground Heating Blankets Keep the Ground from Freezing

Contractor Setting Forms for Walls in Area A

Contractors Working Through the Snow!

Pouring Concrete for Walls in Building A Area Continues

HAKS Inspectors Overseeing Concrete Pouring and Finishing

Aerial View of Concrete Being Poured Into the Wall Forms

Footings and Walls Complete at Alt 3 Storage Building

Alt 3 Storage Building Foundation Backfilled and Prepped for Slab

Alt 3 Storage Bldg Vapor Barrier Installed Ready for Concrete

Insulation Installed and Area Graded Around Foundation

Excavation and Form Building Continues Throughout the Site.

Excavation of Unsuitable Soils on East Side Entrance of the Site