Phase II Public Safety Building Footprint Expands as Excavation, Concrete/Forms, and Masonry Work Progresses


Concrete Work Continues

Concrete Forms for Walls


Alt 3 Storage Building Slab Complete

Excavation Continues for Concrete Forms for Footings/Walls

Masonry Work in Full Swing!

Scaffolding in Place for Masons Working at Cell Block in Building A Area

East to West Perspective of Cell Block Masonry Work


Inspectors Onsite to Oversee Excavation of Undocumented Fill, Concrete, and Masonry Work

Mason at Work

Grout Delivery for Grout Pump

Cell Block Masonry Progressing

Contractor Screening Gravel for Reuse Throughout the Site

Exploratory Excavation to Record Undocumented Fill

The Rock Pile is Growing!!!

Contractor Backfilling Exploratory Excavation Area

Sewer Piping Structures for Installation at the East Side of the Site