Public Safety Building Taking Shape with Structural Steel Complete, Masonry Progressing.

New Drone Video Of Construction Progress by Wayne Garriepy!!

Mid–June Looking North West – Aerial View of Phase II Construction. (Background Left): New DPW Building. (Background Right): Water Dept.
(Middle Ground Left): PD Storage Building. (Middle Ground Center): Carport Structural Steel. (Foreground Left): Building A Police Dept. (Foreground Middle): Future FD Apparatus Bay. (Foreground Right): FD Living Quarters Structural Steel/Deck.

Aerial View of Drone Looking East


Overview North Side of Building A

Sally Port Doors at the Police Department

Steel Joists Installed Above Cell Block Detention Area

View From Under Steel Deck at Building A

Steel Erection Continues at Building A

Inspector for Masonry at the Demising Wall that Separates the FD Living Quarters and the Apparatus Bay

Overview of Building B Area East Side of the Site

Masons Progress on the Demising Wall

Window Openings to Repair Bay


Contractor Digging Trench for Underground Plumbing at FD Living Quarters

Trench Under Building A for Communications/Electrical Conduit

Communications Conduit in Trench Heading Into Building A Area

Sanitary Drains Being Installed Under Slab in Building B

Gas Trap Manholes at the East End of the Site

Exterior Light Gauge Metal Framing Underway at FD Living Quarters

Concrete Being Poured onto 2nd Floor Deck

Contractors Finishing Concrete on 2nd Floor Deck

Mansfield Police Officer Ready for Detail

New Exterior Lettering at the DPW