Public Safety Building Construction Progress Highlights for July 2018!!


7/2/18 Drone View Looking North

7/6/18 Drone View of Contractors Pouring and Finishing Concrete Slab at Mechanical Penthouse Over Building A


Looking East – Overview of Building A Area from the Parking Lot

Concrete Being Poured Over Electrical Conduit Under Slab in Building A

2nd Floor Building A Slab on Deck Complete, Light Gauge Metal Framing Underway

Looking East From 2nd Floor Deck of Building A to West Wall of the Apparatus Bay Structural Masonry

Work Progresses at the Apparatus Bay South Wall

Mason Finishing the Peak of CMU East Wall of Apparatus Bay

Sanitary Drains Being Installed Underground at FD Living Quarters

Exterior Light Gauge Metal Framing in FD Living Quarters


Vapor Barrier and Densglass Sheathing Installation at the FD Living Quarters

Preparation for Concrete Slab

Concrete Slab Poured in Building B FD Living Quarters

Looking East Toward FD Living Quarters – Densglass Sheathing Progress and Mechanical Penthouse

Looking South at East Wall – Densglass Sheathing at FD Living Quarters

Overview of Building B Sheathing, Roof Blocking

Building A Second Fl Slab on Deck and LGMF

Overview Building A 2nd Floor LGMF and Densglass Sheathing

Looking West 2nd Floor Progress

Overview of North Side of Building A – View from Second Floor of Exit Side of the Sally Port Down Below

Looking East from the Mechanical Penthouse Over Building A Toward the Apparatus Bay Masonry Walls

Roof Curbs for HVAC Equipment on the Mechanical Penthouse Over Building A

Apparatus Bay Structural Masonry – South Side and Interior View

Looking East – Overview of the South Side of Repair Bay, Apparatus Bay, FD Living Quarters

Apparatus Bay Structural Steel Installation Begins

Looking East from 2nd Floor Deck – Overview of Structural Steel Erection at Apparatus Bay

Overview at Ground Level

View Across Route 106 From 2nd Floor Building A

Site Contractor Installing Oil-Water Separator at the North Side of the Site Behind the Repair Bay

Exterior Lettering Installed at Main DPW Entrance