Update Highlights Building Envelope, Interior Framing, Site Work. New Drone Pics!!

Drone View Looking South – From Left to Right: FD Living Quarters, Apparatus Bay, Maintenance Bay, PD Building A, Detention Area.
Foreground Left to Right: Carport, Sally Port, Detention Area

Drone View Looking West

Early to Mid September

Second Floor Metal Stud Framing Progressing

Contractor Begins Interior Metal Framing on 1st Floor Building A

Building A Metal Stud Framing

Interior Framing Underway in the FD Living Quarters

Metal Framing Progresses in the FD Living Quarters

Interior Masonry Underway in Building A

Window Blocking in the Apparatus Bay

Interior View of Roof Panel Installation at the Apparatus Bay

Electrical Conduit from Transformer to Building A and Drainage Pipe and Venting Pipe for Oil / Water Separator

Looking East – Overview of South Side of Building A, Apparatus Bay, FD Living Quarters

From Mid to Late September

Looking Northwest – Overview of Building A Meeting Room Area

Looking East – Overview of Apparatus Bay and FD Living Quarters Progress

Metal Framing, HVAC and Plumbing Roughs Building A 2nd Floor in Progress

Metal Framing at Building A 2nd Fl

Walls Framed in FD Living Quarters, HVAC & Plumbing Roughs in Progress

Interior CMU Work at the Female Detention Area

Welding of Stairway #1 Underway

Excavation and Screening for Even Soil Compaction and Grading

Trench for Site Lighting and Comm / Security Around the Site

Site Contractor Crushes the Rock Pile

Excavation for Trench Drains in the Apparatus Bay

Trench Drain Installation in the Apparatus Bay

Public Safety Facility, Principle Representatives
Left to Right: Clerk of the Works-Ned Cooke, Deputy Fire Chief-James Puleo, Police Department Operations Lieutenant-Frank Archer, Jr.