October Highlights Concrete, Interior Framing & Rough M-E-P & FPs, Building Envelope, and Landscaping for the DPW

New Drone Video from Wayne Garriepy!!


From Early to Mid October

Concrete Pour at the Apparatus Bay

Concrete Being Finished in the Apparatus Bay

Looking East at the Apparatus Bay and FD Living Quarters

FD Living Quarters Area Metal Framing, HVAC & Plumbing Roughs Underway

Metal Wall Framing In PD Building A, M-E-P & FP Roughs Underway

Detention Area CMU

Looking East – Building A Exterior Brick Work and Hunter Panels

Looking North at the South Side of Building A – Brick Work, Hunter Panels, Blueskin Membrane Progress

Concrete Forms for the Generator Pad

Looking East – Apparatus Bay Aprons Formed and Prepped for Concrete

DPW Building Lettering and Parking Lines Painted

Front View of the DPW Landscaping

East Side Entrance of the DPW Building

Mid to Late October

Concrete Aprons at the Apparatus Bay and the Building Perimeter Complete

Concrete Poured and Finished for Generator Pad

Building Perimeter Concrete Aprons Poured & Finished

Concrete Patio on the East Side of FD Living Quarters

CMU Progress PD Vehicle Impound & Sally Port at the Detention Area

Overview of Brick Work, Blueskin Membrane and Hunter Panel Progress at the West Side of PD

Building A Second Floor Window Installation Underway

Electrical Distribution Panels Delivered to PD Building A

Contractor Working on the Bell Tower Roof Building A

Drywall and Insulation Underway at the FD Living Quarters

Looking South – Overview of the FD Living Quarters Window Installation, Roof Work, Hunter Panels

Looking East to Northeast Side of Site from 2nd Floor – Contractors Working on Bringing the Site Up to Finish Grade

Looking West – Overview of the North Side of the Site, AVB, Hunter Panels, Grading Underway

Grading North Side of the Site

Looking North – Overview of the Apparatus Bay in Preparation for Brick Work