December Update Highlights Building Envelope, Exterior Brick Work, Detention Area Masonry, Metal Stud Framing and Drywall

First Half of November 2018

2nd Floor Metal Framing Underway – Building A

1st Floor Metal Stud Framing Underway – Building A

Drywall and Insulation Underway at the FD Living Quarters – Building B

Masonry Work at the Vehicle Impound and Sally Port – Building A

Concrete Poured and Finished in Stair Pans at Stair Tower 1 – Building A

Concrete Benches Poured and Finished in the Jail Cells – Building A

Male Holding Concrete Benches Poured and Finished in the Detention Area

Contractor Compacting Subgrade Prior to Finish Grading

Looking West – Preparing for Finish Grading on the North Side of the Site

Asphalt Binder Paving Begins at the Safety Complex

Looking East at Binder Asphalt on the North Side of the Site from the 2nd Floor Roof

Mansfield Police Officers Provide Traffic Control During Paving for the Complex

RTUs (Roof Top Units) Installation Complete on the Roof of Building A

Contractors Working on Hunter Panels and Blue Skin Air Barrier – Building A

Second Half of November 2018

Looking East – Overview of the South Side of the Public Safety Building

Looking North at the Front of the Apparatus Bay Brick Work and Fluid Applied Membrane

Contractors Utilize a Tarpaulin on the North Side of the Site to Continue with Exterior Brick Work in the Rain – Building A

BABFAR Temporary Heat for Building A

Gas Meter Installed at the North Side of Building A Exterior

First Floor Metal Framing and Insulation Progress – Building A

2nd Floor Insulation and Drywall Installation Progress – Building A

Showers Delivered to FD Living Quarters – Building B

View Down the Corridor of the Fire Dept Living Quarters – Insulation, Drywall, and Taping Nearly Complete

Contractors Working on Roof Panels and Cupola Framing

Fiber Cement Siding Begins at the Sally Port Area – Building A

Looking East from the South Side of the Site – Granite Curbing Installed

Concrete Columns for Complex Sign Ready for Brick