January 2019 Construction Progress Continues with Installation of Detention Area Frames & Doors, Hardie Plank & Panel Siding, Shingle Roof System, Interior Work Progress

First Half of December 2018

Overview Looking East at the Apparatus Bay and the FD Living Quarters Building B

Looking South at the North Side of the Apparatus Bay Hunter Panel Installation

Contractor Working on Cupola Roof Over Apparatus Bay

Looking South at FD Living Quarters, Building B, New Curbing, Siding, Windows, and PVC Window Trim Installation

Apparatus Bay Overhead Coiling Doors Installation Begins – Interior View

Corridor of the FD Living Quarters Drywall and Joint Compound Work Begins

FD Living Quarters Kitchen Area Windows Installed, Drywall and Joint Compound Work

Electrical Switchgear Delivered to 1st Floor Electrical Room

Mechanical Room Boiler and Piping Installation

Cell Door Installation at the Detention Area

Second Floor Drywall and Duct Insulation Work Building A

Second Half of December 2018

2nd Floor Building A Drywall Installed,Taping, Joint Compound Progress

Looking North Toward Detention Area 1st Floor Building A – Drywall and Insulation in Progress

Concrete Pads Poured for Lockers – Building A 1st Floor

FD Living Quarters Progress: Left-Kitchen, Right-Break Room

FD Living Quarters, Drywall Primed, HVAC Ducts Insulated

Block Filler Applied on CMU at Detention Area

Apparatus Bay Overhead Doors Installed on the North Side

Roof Shingle System Installation Over the Apparatus Bay

Curtainwall Frame Installed at the Bell Tower Building A

Looking East – Overview of the South Side of the Site

Looking West – Overview of the South Side of the Site

Looking West – Overview of the South Side of Apparatus Bay and Building A

Pad Mount Temporary Transformer Installed on the North Side of Building A

Guardrail at Fish and Game Entrance Installed

Looking South – Shingle Roof Over Apparatus Bay Nearly Complete