February 2019 Update Features Completion of Exterior Items, Interior Work Progress, and Preparation of Intersection Reconfiguration

Overview of West Elevation: Sally Port (Left), Prisoner Release Area (Right) at the Canopy
Looking East – Overview of Building B Apparatus Bay and FD Living Quarters
Overview of North Side of Building B Repair Bay, Apparatus Bay, FD Living Quarters

First Half of January

1st Floor Building A – Framing and Drywall Work Under Way
Building A 2nd Floor – Taping and Joint Compound Underway
Building A 2nd Floor – Primer and First Coat of Paint
Storefronts Installed at the Hallway Connector Between Building A and the Apparatus Bay
Apparatus Bay Gas-Fired Heaters Installation
FD Kitchen Windows Installed and Paint Begins
Showers Installed in FD Living Quarters – Building B
Tile Work Begins in Building B Bathrooms
Electric Panelboards Installed at the FD Living Quarters
Contractors Work on the Shingle Roof System on the South Side of Apparatus Bay
Rip Rap Placed and Guardrail Installed at the Entrance to Fish & Game

Second Half of January

Alternate 3 Outbuilding Overhead Doors Installed
Apparatus Bay Roof Cupola Glass Enclosed
Looking South Toward Detention Area – Building A 1st Floor
Drywall and Insulation Installation
Detention Area Doors and Framed Painted, CMU Filled and Primed
Bldg A 2nd Floor – First Coat of Paint and Ceiling Grid Installed
Building B Bunk Area Walls Primed and Ceiling Grid Installed
Building B FD Living Quarters Kitchen Area Cabinetry Installation Underway
Casework Installation Underway in the FD Radio Watch Room
Looking North at the Lobby Entrance – Panel Siding and Curtain Wall Installation in Progress
Curtain Wall Glazing Installation Progress at the Lobby Entrance – Building A
Sally Port and Vehicle Impound Area Overhead Doors Installed
Feller Buncher Clearing Trees on Route 106 to Prepare
for the Intersection Reconfiguration at Pratt / East St.
Looking East – Trees Cleared on Rt 106
Looking West – Trees and Brush Cleared Along the Mansfield Recycling Center