March 2019 Progress Continues at the Public Safety Building as Spring Approaches and Finishes Begin

Looking East – Overview of the North Side of the Apparatus Bay and FD Living Quarters
Looking East – Overview of South Side of the Public Safety Building

First Half of February

Building A First Floor Insulation and Drywall Progress
Bullet Resistant Drywall Installation at the Reception Area Building A 1st Floor
Building A Second Floor Progress
Second Floor Casework & Cabinetry Installation Begins
FD Living Quarters Break Room Paint, Ceiling Grid, Casework
FD Living Quarters Progress
Screen Installed Around the HVAC Roof Top Units (RTUs) Building A

Second Half of February

Contractor Working on the Cornice at the North Side of Building A
Bathroom Tile Work Underway in Building A First Floor
First Floor Building A Tape and Joint Compound
Cuff Rails Installed in Pre-Processing in the Detention Area
Second Floor Building A First Coat Paint
Block Filler Application Starting in the Apparatus Bay
Locker Installation in Building B FD Living Quarters
Curtain Wall Installation
North Side of Building A Plank Siding Installation Continues
Overview of East Gable Vapor Barrier Installation
Looking North at the Curtain Wall and Panel Siding at the Community Room
Contractor Eager to Get to Work!