April 2019 Intersection Improvements and Landscaping Begins as Finishes Continue at the Public Safety Building

First Half of March

Looking East – Overview of the South Side of Building B
Looking West at the North Side of Building A Plank Siding Continues
East Wall Panel Siding Continues
Looking East Electrical Conduit Placed for Light Pole Bases at the Walkway
Looking West
Concrete Covering the Conduit for Protection
Bullet Resistant Drywall System Installed at First Floor Lobby Area
Taping, Joint Compound and Primer First Floor Building A
Door Frames Installed
Joint Compound Applied in the Community Room
Casework Installation Begins in the First Floor Bldg A
Marker Boards Installed First Floor Building A
Steel Doors Installed in the Detention Area
Ceramic Tile Installation Underway in the FD Kitchen
Laminate Flooring Installation at FD Living Quarters Underway
Laminate Floor Covered for Protection
Bullet Resistant Drywall System Installed at the Second Floor Lobby Building A

Second Half of March

Looking South at Building A Plank Siding and Trim Nearly Complete
Roof Ladder Installation at the Second Floor Roof on the West Side of the Building
Looking South West at Panel Siding in Progress at the East Gable
Drywall and Ceiling Grid Installed, First Coat Paint First Floor Building A
Community Room Primed, Casework Installed First Floor Building A
Tile Work Underway in the Locker Rooms Building A 1st Floor
Carpet Installed, Paint Nearly Complete Second Floor Building A
Loam Placed Around the Site in Preparation for Landscaping
Site Work for Preparation of Intersection Improvements
Bulldozer Moving Earth in Preparation for Intersection Configuration