May 2019 Highlights: Progress Continues on Building Interior & Grounds As Municipal Complex Moves Closer to Substantial Completion

BRICKS n MORTAR by Jackie O’Brien & Illustrious Day
Looking West – The North Side of the Public Safety Building
East Side of the Building FD – Living Quarters Patio
Lettering and FD Maltese Cross Installed Over the Apparatus Bay Doors

First Half of April 2019

Building A 1st Floor First Coat Paint
Mailboxes Installed, Building A 1st Floor
Marker Boards Installed in PD Roll Call Room, Building A 1st Floor
Wire Mesh Partition Installed at the Vehicle Impound at the Sally Port
Detention Cells Block Filler Complete, Security Lights, Cameras, PA System  Installation in Progress
Building A 2nd Floor Carpet & Base, Paint, Wood Doors Complete
Looking West – South Side of the Public Safety Building
2nd Floor Building A TVs Installed
FD Living Quarters Overview
Gradall Cleaning Up the Area to Sub Grade Across Rt 106
Land Cleared Across Rte 106 for Intersection Reconfiguration
Posts Installed for Fence & Gate Installation on the North Side of the Building
Rip Rap Being Delivered to the Site

Second Half of April 2019

Building A 1st Floor First Coat Paint, Doors Installed
PD Roll Call and File Room – First Coat Paint, Carpet & Casework Installed
PD Detention Area Booking – Casework Installed
Personnel Lockers Installed, Building A 1st Floor
Plumbing Fixtures Installed, 1st Floor Building A
Detention Holding Area Security Ceilings, Cameras, and Lights Installation in Progress
Building A, 2nd Floor Carpet & Base Installed, Ready for Ceiling Tiles
IT Server Room, 2nd Floor Building A
Bathroom Tile Work Complete and Plumbing Fixtures Installed, 2nd Floor Building A
FD Living Quarters Nearly Complete
FD Kitchen Counter-tops Installed and Casework Complete
Gate Posts Installed at the West Entrance
Looking East – Fencing Installed around the North Side of the Site
Site Work Preparation for Walkway
to Public Safety Entrance, Flag Memorial on the South Side of the Site