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Public Safety Building Construction Progress Highlights for July 2018!!


7/2/18 Drone View Looking North

7/6/18 Drone View of Contractors Pouring and Finishing Concrete Slab at Mechanical Penthouse Over Building A


Looking East – Overview of Building A Area from the Parking Lot

Concrete Being Poured Over Electrical Conduit Under Slab in Building A

2nd Floor Building A Slab on Deck Complete, Light Gauge Metal Framing Underway

Looking East From 2nd Floor Deck of Building A to West Wall of the Apparatus Bay Structural Masonry

Work Progresses at the Apparatus Bay South Wall

Mason Finishing the Peak of CMU East Wall of Apparatus Bay

Sanitary Drains Being Installed Underground at FD Living Quarters

Exterior Light Gauge Metal Framing in FD Living Quarters


Vapor Barrier and Densglass Sheathing Installation at the FD Living Quarters

Preparation for Concrete Slab

Concrete Slab Poured in Building B FD Living Quarters

Looking East Toward FD Living Quarters – Densglass Sheathing Progress and Mechanical Penthouse

Looking South at East Wall – Densglass Sheathing at FD Living Quarters

Overview of Building B Sheathing, Roof Blocking

Building A Second Fl Slab on Deck and LGMF

Overview Building A 2nd Floor LGMF and Densglass Sheathing

Looking West 2nd Floor Progress

Overview of North Side of Building A – View from Second Floor of Exit Side of the Sally Port Down Below

Looking East from the Mechanical Penthouse Over Building A Toward the Apparatus Bay Masonry Walls

Roof Curbs for HVAC Equipment on the Mechanical Penthouse Over Building A

Apparatus Bay Structural Masonry – South Side and Interior View

Looking East – Overview of the South Side of Repair Bay, Apparatus Bay, FD Living Quarters

Apparatus Bay Structural Steel Installation Begins

Looking East from 2nd Floor Deck – Overview of Structural Steel Erection at Apparatus Bay

Overview at Ground Level

View Across Route 106 From 2nd Floor Building A

Site Contractor Installing Oil-Water Separator at the North Side of the Site Behind the Repair Bay

Exterior Lettering Installed at Main DPW Entrance


Public Safety Building Taking Shape with Structural Steel Complete, Masonry Progressing.

New Drone Video Of Construction Progress by Wayne Garriepy!!

Mid–June Looking North West – Aerial View of Phase II Construction. (Background Left): New DPW Building. (Background Right): Water Dept.
(Middle Ground Left): PD Storage Building. (Middle Ground Center): Carport Structural Steel. (Foreground Left): Building A Police Dept. (Foreground Middle): Future FD Apparatus Bay. (Foreground Right): FD Living Quarters Structural Steel/Deck.

Aerial View of Drone Looking East


Overview North Side of Building A

Sally Port Doors at the Police Department

Steel Joists Installed Above Cell Block Detention Area

View From Under Steel Deck at Building A

Steel Erection Continues at Building A

Inspector for Masonry at the Demising Wall that Separates the FD Living Quarters and the Apparatus Bay

Overview of Building B Area East Side of the Site

Masons Progress on the Demising Wall

Window Openings to Repair Bay


Contractor Digging Trench for Underground Plumbing at FD Living Quarters

Trench Under Building A for Communications/Electrical Conduit

Communications Conduit in Trench Heading Into Building A Area

Sanitary Drains Being Installed Under Slab in Building B

Gas Trap Manholes at the East End of the Site

Exterior Light Gauge Metal Framing Underway at FD Living Quarters

Concrete Being Poured onto 2nd Floor Deck

Contractors Finishing Concrete on 2nd Floor Deck

Mansfield Police Officer Ready for Detail

New Exterior Lettering at the DPW


Structural Steel, Masonry Work, PD Storage Building and Carport Take Center Stage at the Municipal Complex

Drone Video from Wayne Garriepy at DV Images!

Drone Looking North – Aerial Overview of Phase II Construction and the Municipal Complex. Background Left: New DPW Building / Background Right: Water Dept.  Foreground Left: Detention Area,Tower 2, Elevator in PD Building A Area / Foreground Right: Structural Steel Erection in FD Building B Area

Drone Looking South


Concrete Pour for Building B Walls

Building B Area Foundation Walls

Early Stages of Masonry Work in the PD Building A Cell Block Detention Area

Cell Block Progressing

Detention Area Exterior CMU

Contractor Building Invert for Connection to Sewer Main

CMU Work Tower No. 2 Building A Area

Carport Concrete Footings

Structural Steel Erected for Carport

Steel Being Erected for the Storage Building

Roof Panels Installed on Storage Building


Storage Building Wall Panel Installation

Storage Building Exterior Complete – Rear View

Front View

Mast Platform Utilized by Masons Working on Tower No. 2 Building  A Area

Exterior CMU Nearly Complete for Tower #2

Elevator Exterior CMU Work Nearly Complete

Detention Area Metal Door Frames Installed


Structural Steel for Buildings A and B Begins to Arrive Onsite

Concrete Walls Formed in Building B Area

Structural Steel Erection Begins with Columns at FD Building B Area

Steel Erection Progresses in Building B Area

Steel Being Erected in Building A Area


Building A Steel Erection and Masonry Progress

Overview of Building A Area

View from Under the Steel Construction Building A Area

Apparatus Bay Overhead Door Frames Installed in FD Building B Area

Water and Fire Service Brought Into the Site

Phase II Public Safety Building Footprint Expands as Excavation, Concrete/Forms, and Masonry Work Progresses


Concrete Work Continues

Concrete Forms for Walls


Alt 3 Storage Building Slab Complete

Excavation Continues for Concrete Forms for Footings/Walls

Masonry Work in Full Swing!

Scaffolding in Place for Masons Working at Cell Block in Building A Area

East to West Perspective of Cell Block Masonry Work


Inspectors Onsite to Oversee Excavation of Undocumented Fill, Concrete, and Masonry Work

Mason at Work

Grout Delivery for Grout Pump

Cell Block Masonry Progressing

Contractor Screening Gravel for Reuse Throughout the Site

Exploratory Excavation to Record Undocumented Fill

The Rock Pile is Growing!!!

Contractor Backfilling Exploratory Excavation Area

Sewer Piping Structures for Installation at the East Side of the Site


Phase II Continues with Public Safety Building Site Work, Concrete Forms, Footings, Walls!

Aerial View of Public Safety Building Footprint Expanding

Excavation Preparation for Concrete Forms

Forms Materials Ready to Be Built in Area A

Contractor Building Forms

Concrete Being Finished in the Footings

Hydronic Surface Heater Brought in for Frost Prevention

Ground Heating Blankets Keep the Ground from Freezing

Contractor Setting Forms for Walls in Area A

Contractors Working Through the Snow!

Pouring Concrete for Walls in Building A Area Continues

HAKS Inspectors Overseeing Concrete Pouring and Finishing

Aerial View of Concrete Being Poured Into the Wall Forms

Footings and Walls Complete at Alt 3 Storage Building

Alt 3 Storage Building Foundation Backfilled and Prepped for Slab

Alt 3 Storage Bldg Vapor Barrier Installed Ready for Concrete

Insulation Installed and Area Graded Around Foundation

Excavation and Form Building Continues Throughout the Site.

Excavation of Unsuitable Soils on East Side Entrance of the Site


Demolition of the Old Highway Garage Complete and Phase II for Public Safety in Full Swing!


GC Trailer Move

OPM Trailer Move

Office Trailers Moved to Lower Lot for Phase II

Asbestos Abatement of Old Highway Garage

Temp Service Installation for Phase II

Site Work in Full Swing

Temp Access to Fish & Game

Waning Days of the Highway Garage – Rear View

Waning Days of the Highway Garage – Front View

MetroLEC Arrives On Scene with the Rook for Team Training!

The Rook Gets to Work!

Old Leaching Pit for Roof Drains

Moments Before Demolition

First Bite of the Grapple!



Foundation Excavation of Old Building

Demolition Complete!

New DPW Building Operational!! Phase II for Police/Fire Building Underway!

Furnished Conference Room!

Reception Area Cubicles

Main Hallway Through Administration Area

Furnished DPW Lunch Room

Hallway from Garage into the Admin Area

Electrical Room

Equipment Moving Day

Maintenance Garage Fully Functioning!

Equipment in New Vehicle Bay – View from the Mezzanine

Garage View from the Mezzanine

Phase II Work Resumes

Drainage Piping for Phase II Site Work

Final Days of the Old Highway Garage

Old Highway Garage and DPW Relocation in Final Stages

Preparation Underway for Old Highway Garage Demolition

Phase I Substantial Completion Milestone January 2018!


DPW Front View

Side Entrance to Admin Area

Garage Bays and Entrances

Canopy Side of the Building

Side Entrance Admin-Reception Area to Offices

Front Admin and Reception Area

File Storage Room

DPW Lunch Room

Appliances Installed

Water Fountain – Water Fill Station

Men’s Locker Room

Visitor’s Bathroom

Ladies’ Locker Room

Vehicle Maintenance Area of Garage

Garage and Mezzanine

Garage Bridge Crane and Vehicle Lift

Roof Vents and Radio Antenna

Emergency Generator Start Up Load Bank Test

Cat Walk at the Knock Down Pad


The DPW Building Nearing Substantial Completion!

New Drone Video!!

Aerial View of the DPW Building Nearing Completion!

Looking West – Aerial View of the DPW Building

Doorways Framed, Entrances Installed and Interior Finishes Work Underway

Acoustic Panel Ceiling Systems Installation Begins

Bathroom Tile Work Nearing Completion

Drywall at the Mezzanine Complete w Painting Underway

Scissor Lift Installed in the Garage

Mohawk Post Lifts Installed in Garage

Fluid Hose Reels Installed in Maintenance Garage

Finishing Touches on the Building Envelope

Sunshades Installed

Gas Meter Fit Up

Loam Spread Throughout the Site and Curbing Installed

RAM Plan Work for Phase II Complete

Drainage Piping for Phase II Delivered to the Site

Truck Unloading Drainage Piping for Phase II

Rainbow Over the New Municipal Complex

Work Continues at the Municipal Complex. Asphalt Binder Paving and Main Power Transformer Installation! New Drone Video!


New Drone Video from Wayne Garriepy!

Looking South – Overview of the Site

Grading and Prepping for Site Paving

Binder Course Asphalt Paving Begins at the DPW Complex

Paving and Compaction

Contractors Working with Asphalt Paver

Vibratory Oscillating Roller Compacting Asphalt

Equipment Bays Rear of the Building

Birdseye View of West Entrance Paving

Binder Course Asphalt Complete

Windows Installed in Garage Area, Overhead Door Installation

Curbing Installation Begins

Admin Office Areas Windows Installed, Ready for Insulation

Insulation Installation in Admin Area

Masonry Work in Garage Area Nears Completion

Prepping for Concrete Apron at Garage Vehicle Entrances, Bollards Installed, Siding Continues

Concrete Apron Around the Building Complete

Prepping for Concrete Slab on Mezzanine Deck

Concrete Slab Installed on Mezzanine, Metal Stud Framing Underway

Stairs to Mezzanine in Garage Area

Windows Installed in Admin Area, Exterior Masonry & Siding

Front Admin Area Windows Installed, Siding & Masonry Complete

Long View to the Building

New DPW Main Power Transformer