Construction Progress


June 2019 Highlights: Progress on Interior Finish Continues. Preparation for Sidewalks, Flagpole, Fencing and Landscaping 

May 2019  Highlights Finishes and Landscaping as the Municipal Complex Moves Closer To Substantial Completion

April 2019 Landscaping and Intersection Improvements Begin as Finishes Continue at the Public Safety Building

March 2019 Progress Continues at the Public Safety Building as Spring Approaches and Finishes Begin

February 2019 Update Features Completion of Exterior Items, Interior Work Progress, and Preparation of Intersection Reconfiguration

January 2019 Progress Continues with Installation of Detention Area Frames & Doors, Hardie Plank & Panel Siding, Shingle Roof System, Interior Work

December 2018 Update Highlights Building Envelope, Exterior Brick Work, Detention Area Masonry, Metal Stud Framing and Drywall

November 2018 Update as October Highlights Concrete, Interior Framing & Rough M-E-P & FPs, Building Envelope, and Landscaping for the DPW – Video Recap from DV Images

October 2018 Update Highlights Building Envelope, Interior Framing, Site Work

September 2018 Progress Continues at the Municipal Complex! New 360 Drone Video!!

August 2018 Public Safety Building Construction Progress Highlights

July 2018 Police / Fire Building Taking Shape with Structural Steel Complete, Exterior Masonry Nearly Complete.  New Drone Video!!

June 2018 Structural Steel, Masonry Work, PD Storage Building and Carport Take Center Stage at the Municipal Complex

May 2018 Phase II Public Safety Building Footprint Expands as Excavation, Concrete/Forms, and Masonry Work Progresses

April 2018 Phase II Work Continues with Public Safety Building Site Work and Concrete Forms/Footings/Walls

March 2018 Demolition of the Old Highway Garage Complete and Phase II for Public Safety in Full Swing!

February 2018 New DPW Fully Operational!  Phase II Site Work for Police/Fire Building Underway!

January 2018 Phase I Substantial Completion Milestone!

December 2017 DPW Building Nearing Substantial Completion!  New Drone Video

November 2017 Work Continues at the Municipal Complex:  Asphalt Binder Paving and Main Power Transformer Installation! New Drone Video!

October 2017 Progress Continues at the DPW Superstructure and New Drone Video!!

September 2017 Work Progressing at the Municipal Complex DPW Superstructure

August 2017 Steel Erection for Metal Building in Progress and New Drone Video!

July 2017 Floor Placement, Building Slabs, Utility Work, Steel Delivery, and Steel Erection

May 2017 DPW work continues

April 2017 DPW foundation being poured, utility work continues

Mar. 2017 Drainage and site work continues.

Feb. 2017 Site work continues – sewer and drainage.

Jan. 2017 Winter has arrived.

Dec. 2016 Underground utilities

Nov. 2016 Groundbreaking Ceremony

Nov. 2016 Water main relocation

Oct. 2016 Filling the hole

Oct. 2016 Trees and Grass

Oct. 2016 Fire in the hole!

July – Sept. 2016 Site Prep